S. L. Griffith specified in his will funds to build the S. L. Griffith Memorial Library.  He also set up a trust for funds to maintain the library and for the purchase of new books.This makes the S.L. Griffith Memorial Library a “private” library as the funds to support it come from a private source.  A public library receives it’s funding from the patrons, the state, the county and or the town.

We are fortunate in that our building was “purpose built” as a library.  The woodwork is curly maple made from lumber cut by Mr. Griffith in Mt. Tabor.  the building was  opened in 1908 and a 50 year anniversary was held July 17, 1958.

Also the S.L. Griffith Memorial Library is one of only three libraries in the U. S. to use the C.A. Cutter classification system.  Other libraries use the Dewey Decimal system to classify books.  The Cutter system uses letters instead of numbers to designate categories of books.


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